Programme IASOC September 2022

Friday, September 23

13:30 Registration
15:30 Opening
16:00 A.H. Hoveyda (Chestnut Hill) “Catalytic Strategies for Precise Framework Editing”
17:15 A. Bernardi (Milano) “Disrupting Glycan-Protein Interactions with Glycomimetic Molecules”
18:30 Coffee break
18:45 A. Milo (Beer Sheva) “Controlling Secondary-Sphere Interactions in Organocatalysis”
19:15 S. Meninno (Salerno) “One-pot Organocatalytic Routes to Nitrogen- and Sulfur-Containing Heterocycles”
20:30 Welcome Party

Saturday, September 24

 09:00 D.W.C. MacMillan (Princeton) “The Development of New Photocatalytic Reactions of Utility to Chemists and Biologists”
10:15 O.C. Kappe (Graz) “Going with the Flow – The Use of Continuous Processing in Organic Synthesis”
11:30 Coffee break
12:00 E.M. Carreira (Zürich) “Discovery and Surprises with Target Oriented Synthesis”
13:30 Lunch
15:00 Poster Session
16:45 Coffee break
17:15 A.K.H. Hirsch (Saarbrücken) “Target-Based Anti-Infective Drug Discovery”
18:30 R. Martin (Tarragona) “Ni-Catalyzed Functionalization of Strong Sigma Bonds”
20:45 Social Dinner

Sunday, September 25

 09:00 J. Bode (Zürich) “Tailor-Made Proteins by Chemical Synthesis and Modification”
10:15 F. Schoenebeck (Aachen) “Insight-Driven Strategies in Catalysis for Selective Functionalizations”
11:30 Coffee break
12:00 MedChem Session
13:30 Lunch
15:00 Selected Oral Communications
16:15 V. Molteni (San Diego)
17:30 Coffee break
18:00 Nature Chemistry Tutorial
18:45 M.J. Gaunt (Cambridge)
21:45 Poster Selected Flash Communications

Monday, September 26

09:00 M. Bradley (Edinburgh) “Using Photons to Image and Destroy Cancer – Exploiting the Interface of Organic Synthesis and Biology”
10:15 M. Bonchio (Padova) “Supramolecular Architectures for Artificial Photosynthesis: the Quantasome Vision”
11:30 Coffee break
12:00 Y. Hayashi (Tohoku) “Pot and Time Economies in the Total Synthesis”
13:30 Closing remarks

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